Educational Workshops

Osunarts Workshops

We provide a complete taste of African culture by organising participatory combined African workshops, in schools, prisons, community and arts centres. We also produce African-themed shows for the purposes of education and entertainment which have been performed in the UK and Europe, using traditional forms of African cultural values combined with authentic costumes and settings.

Our school projects are tailored to the exact needs of the schools and other venues like community centre, youth centre etc. Osun Arts Workshop programme prides itself on the fact that each workshop project is tailored to the precise needs of the youth centre, school, community centre, performance space or other appropriate venue.

Our workshops are designed to inform and educate whilst encouraging participants to be actively involved. And needless to say we positively insist that all participants have fun and enjoy themselves!, with the aim to:

  • Develop the creative instincts, promote race relations and self-esteem of children and young people from varying backgrounds
  • Provide a broader educational experience for pupils as well as teachers
  • Enable children and young people to understand and respect other cultures
  • Use its Creation Myths and Legends to expand and enhance participating schools’ Religious Education, History and Geography programmes