African Cookery

African cuisine is noted for its diverse use of vegetables, fruits and cereal grains. Through our cookery sessions we promote healthy food and use traditional African foodstuffs and indigenous spices and herbs, many pupils may not have encountered before.

Before the actual cookery session they will be shown each of the ingredients and informed what they are used for. Using easy to learn techniques the cook will demonstrate how to prepare and heat the food. With thorough guidance the pupils will then have the opportunity to create a selection of nutritious meals, catering also for vegetarians.

Then the best bit: once the meal has been prepared and cooked, a table can be laid in the tradition of a typical African supper. Traditional music accompaniment can also be included whilst everyone is enjoying the meal. Not only will the pupils have great memories of an African style meal, they will be excited to show off their new culinary skills back home!

Moremi – An African epic of romance, sacrifice and bravery
It also breaks from some of the traditions of African plays in that a female character (Moremi) is at the forefront of how the story develops and is decided.

Flash of Lightning

Osun organised the African Millennium Cultural Exchange Programme in the summer of 2001 which was titled - Flash of Lightning.

We took 10 local artists around Nigeria