The culmination of the workshop practices is the performance. This is where the whole school and parents are invited to witness what the pupils have learnt during the course of the workshop sessions. Dressed in authentic African costumes the participants will put on a show combining traditional African music played by our artists with songs and dances that have been learnt during the project.

We see the performance as a celebration of the activities learnt and an opportunity for the pupils to show off their new found skills. The vibrant performance is something everyone can get involved in, including parents and teachers, as at the end of the show we invite the audience in a communal dance. True to the spirit of Osun is participation not perfection, so we like to ensure no embarrassment; everyone will enjoy the performance.

Moremi – An African epic of romance, sacrifice and bravery
It also breaks from some of the traditions of African plays in that a female character (Moremi) is at the forefront of how the story develops and is decided.

Flash of Lightning

Osun organised the African Millennium Cultural Exchange Programme in the summer of 2001 which was titled - Flash of Lightning.

We took 10 local artists around Nigeria