Tie Dye-Batik Making


Tie Dye techniques have been used for centuries in the western part of Africa and the patterns and vibrant designs of the clothes have caught the eyes of many all over the world. It is an easy and effective way to introduce pupils into the art of African clothing design. Children are allowed to be creative as they want in designing their patterns to be created on fabrics with dyes.

Our aim is to familiarise the pupils with the use of African tie-dye and dye-making and to give a brief background into its origins. Using simple techniques will support the pupils into assimilating what they have learnt so they can pass on and use the knowledge to create tie-dye clothing in their own time.

Pupils involved will greatly enjoy seeing their creations come to life through the use of fabric which will give them something they can treasure and wear in the future.

Moremi – An African epic of romance, sacrifice and bravery
It also breaks from some of the traditions of African plays in that a female character (Moremi) is at the forefront of how the story develops and is decided.

Flash of Lightning

Osun organised the African Millennium Cultural Exchange Programme in the summer of 2001 which was titled - Flash of Lightning.

We took 10 local artists around Nigeria