Who We Are

We aims are to increase awareness of African arts and culture.

What We Do

We organise participatory arts workshops, in schools, colleges, community, & arts centres.

Our Mission

To inform, entertain, and educate using African arts to promote racial harmony in the community.

Cutting Edge

With 20 years of experience delivering workshops and performances globally.

About Us

Who We Are?

Osun Arts Foundation aims are to increase awareness of African arts and culture, to further the idea of the UK as a vibrant multi-cultural society, and to provide training and educational opportunities – for children and young people, elders, BME and disabled groups and individuals, long-term unemployed, asylum seekers and refugees – using arts and cultural activities, performances, workshops, exhibitions and publications as vehicles for delivery.

Our Work
What We Do

Our workshops include Dance, Drama, Music, Storytelling Visual Arts, Performance and Exhibitions, Cookery and we can design any of our workshops to suit your individual requirements.


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Without their funding, there will be no Osun Arts Foundation


Happy Clients

What Our Clients Say?

Excellent non-verbal communication. Control and teaching through drumming and rhythm. The drumming is extraordinary. All teachers are professional and skilful.
John Carter

I’ve been meaning to get in touch to re-iterate a big THANK YOU – from us – the school, and the whole community…The workshop was brilliant, (I ached for 3 days afterwards!) we had 38 people of all ages, so it was really good the entire group were with us. Hope things are good with you.

John Carter
Clayesmore School




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