February 15, 2017

Rhythm of African Dance (ROAD)

R.O.A.D, a 2002 project, was performed by the famous Nigerian Lamidi Ayankunle Yoruba Bata Ensemble and Ayan Agalu Cultural Troupe, in collaboration with Osun. They came particularly for this tour to England to perform and simultaneously workshops sharing their skills and knowledge of African dance ... Read Mores

Flash of Lightening

Flash of Lightning Osun organised the African Millennium Cultural Exchange Programme in the summer of 2001 which was titled – Flash of Lightning. We took 10 local artists around Nigeria for three weeks, giving them the opportunity to interact and learn about the traditional music, ... Read Mores


Moremi – An African epic of romance, sacrifice and bravery It also breaks from some of the traditions of African plays in that a female character (Moremi) is at the forefront of how the story develops and is decided. Moremi is a brave, beautiful woman ... Read Mores